Guiding you to patient recruitment and retention success

Our expert team has an abundance of experience in patient recruitment and clinical study management which enables us to identify your study’s challenges, and propose the right solutions. We can help you get where you need to be.

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80% of sponsors say finding eligible patients is a significant barrier to recruitment


Recruitment training

We can help set your study or programme up for recruitment success; train your study management teams, and provide company-wide Sponsor recruitment training programmes. To achieve recruitment success faster we will support you by thinking ‘ahead of the game.’

Recruitment Insights

How can you recruit patients if you don’t really know who you’re looking for? Our patient insights team will help you increase understanding of your patient profile, recruitment potential and opportunities for your study. This will help us gain more than just insights, but also a practical recruitment plan to set you up for success.

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Rescue study workshops

Practical, hands on sessions with study teams, sites and/or CRAs; identifying challenges, solutions and re-engaging with what’s good about your study to guide your study towards recruitment success.


We’ll help you directly assess a site’s ability to successfully recruit with proprietary methods, giving you the tools to really find out which sites to invest in for the best return. This will maximise your recruitment potential and help you capitalise on recruitment success.

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Whether your study is in early planning, about to recruit or in rescue, contact us to discuss our ideas to help you along the way.