Engaging patients and sites with your study

Study success relies on optimal communication, engagement and motivation of patients, sites, referring physicians, patient groups and communities within your study.

How do you do it? That depends on your study, the unique challenges we identify and the most relevant solutions which will help you achieve recruitment and retention success.

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80% of trials miss their recruitment target dates

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Get your sites ahead of the challenge and start planning recruitment early. Providing you and your sites with innovative tools to actively encourage, facilitate and report on pre-identification and pre-screening activities.

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Patient engagement and education

You need powerful communication tools to raise awareness with your patients. We will develop materials with a strong emphasis on patient education and engagement to keep patients involved in your study and compliant for longer.

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Referral and advocacy outreach

People connect with people. Our global Site Optimisation Specialists will help you maximise the impact of your communications materials, casting your recruitment net that bit further among the referral community and patient advocacy groups.

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