Helping your study be the very best it can be for patients

It’s easy to come up with the same old solutions every time. What’s more difficult is finding something which really works; something which motivates and energises your patients and sites without breaking the bank. We understand the need to drive creativity and will collaborate with you and your sites to deliver the perfect solution.

By optimising performance we will make your study work more efficiently, making it better for you, your sites and your patients.

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Delays in patient recruitment can cost up to £27,000 per day

Optimising patient performance

Patients are not subjects, they are people and they have lives outside of the study. Help your patients to be compliant; support them and you will retain them. Our bespoke tools do just that, to maximise patient retention and facilitate compliance.

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Optimising site performance

Sites are the experts and they are busier than ever. They need appropriate and skilled support to assist them in their recruitment efforts. Our site-tailored performance and protocol adherence solutions will optimise your sites’ performance through recruitment coaching, recruitment planning, print and digital performance enhancement solutions.

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Optimising clinical team performance

Study success starts at the core of the team – the study management team. We love working with your teams to get right to the bottom of your recruitment challenges, identify solutions and help you to put practical, workable plans into place. We’ll work through the challenges with you, train your team and do whatever is needed to optimise recruitment and retention on your study.

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